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Into the Air

Into the Air

10th Jun 2019

Fasten your seatbelt. Take a deep breath. And prepare to take flight. The Stratosphere trainers have finally arrived.

As you slip on this lightweight and durable pair, you are filled with a pronounced joie de vivre. Your first steps feel quick yet certain, cushioned by the sneakers’ thermopolyurethane chassis.

Out on the bright and bustling city street, walking feels as natural as ever. Almost remarkably so. You effortlessly keep up a fast pace, as the trainers facilitate constant airflow. Your tasks and goals for the day all feel within reach. And a sense of weightlessness fills you, as if you could just float up into the sky.

Well sadly, even the greatest pair of shoes won’t turn you into an astronaut. But in the Stratosphere sneakers you’re bound to feel like one.Your movements are made pure and simple thanks to their unique aerodynamic form. Their narrow pointed toes give you that sporty edge, keeping you fast and nimble.

Your comfort, however, is never sacrificed. We here at TJ Collection would never let that happen. The trainers’ soft inner lining and leather insoles provide your feet with our renowned luxury fit.

TJ Collection’s Stratosphere sneakers proudly boast a fashion-forward look. So forward, that they could almost propel you into the air. Their vibrant mix of bold colours means that you’ll never be at risk of falling out of style. Get ready to be swept away.

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